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Basic Digital Painting
Octavio Commission by avaunt
A digital portrait of one figure (or animal) with a simple background.
Basic Pencil Drawing
Ace of Hearts by avaunt King of Spades by avaunt
A drawing of one figure (or animal) with a simple background.

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Journal History

In case anyone’s interested I have prints of most of my work (at least the pieces which aren’t commissions) and can ship them to you immediately! Please note me if you’re interested so we can work out details.

5″x7″s are $5

8″x10″s are $10

11″x14″s are $12

16″x20″s are $15

If you buy 2 you get an extra print of your choice for free!

I am also still offering commissions, both through points and cash (I have a Paypal and a Venmo). More info can be found here:
| Commission and Print Info |

Thank you guys so, so much for all your support!!


Kansas City Chiefs Mural by avaunt
Kansas City Chiefs Mural
| Commission and Print Info |

Wall paint . . . um . . . 5'x7'?

This is a mural I did recently for the same client who wanted his cars drawn. He like the Kansas City Chiefs and wanted to have his favorite players' jerseys drawn.
I meant to post this Friday but then there was a fire in my apartment building . . . I'm alright and none of my stuff is damaged, but it was scary. D=

Anyways, I've posted more close-ups over on my tumblr and on my facebook since I don't feel like uploading five million submissions on here.

My website is if anyone's interested in a commission.
My Facebook:…
Rebuilding by avaunt
| Commission and Print Info |

A commission I did for a client, who’s refurbishing both of these cars. It’s fun to draw different materials and figure out shiny stuff. =O

My website is if anyone's interested in a commission.
My Facebook:…
I decided that I'm going to knock the free giveaway on my facebook (… ) up to two commissions again if I get to 100 likes by the 30th!
Tethered by avaunt
| Commission and Print Info |

Finally finished this . . . I think this took about 30-40 hours? I should probably keep better track . . . Anyways, this piece is inspired by my depression, especially the suicidal thoughts I tend to have. A lot of the time depression feels like an invisible rock you have to carry on your back. It's heavy and oppressive and it makes everything you do feel so difficult, because whatever you do, you have to also carry that rock with you. You want to say you get used to its weight, that you get stronger, and maybe you do, but when you carry something for so long without a rest sometimes you just want to give up . . . which is why it's so important to let other people help you carry that rock or to find ways to alleviate its burden, even if you feel guilty asking for help.

The specific inspiration for this piece has to do with that, because a lot of my burden is shared by my boyfriend, Kevin. I don't really know how I got so lucky to find him, but he always keeps me from giving up, from letting dark impulses rule me. I have a lot of other people who support me, but having someone who cares about me so much is so powerful to me. With how heavy my rock is I'm constantly wanting to let it crush me, but he's always there to make it feel lighter, until it's almost like it's not there at all. He tugs me back down to life, and he makes it worthwhile to be here.

I love you Kevin, and thank you to everyone who supports me and helps me realize that there's beauty and love and light in the world, and that focusing only on the evil is silly. You guys all matter so much! If anyone ever needs reaffirmation of that please just ask me. I try to share my personal battles so that others understand that it's okay to speak.
At any rate, I want to close this with a joke or something but I can't think of one. Um . . . yeah. More work later this week!

My website is if anyone's interested in a commission.
My Facebook:…
Hey guys, people keep asking me about Instagram and I've been putting off uploading my work on there because the interface wouldn't let me upload except from my phone and that meant transferring over all my art, but . . . I just did it, so yes! Now I have an Instagram. You can see it and follow me here:…
I got tagged by barakemon so here's some shit about me.
It says I'm supposed to tag people but I'm a rebel so take that. 8D

13 random things about me:

1) I think bellybuttons are disgusting. I don't know why, I just think they're repulsive. Apparently it's a weird phobia.
2) I own a tortoise. (I loike toitles, okay?)
3) Both my tortoise and my boyfriend are constantly falling asleep in weird positions. My tortoise will fall asleep mid-step and one time I walked into my bedroom to see my boyfriend sitting like a Buddhist monk.
4) Speaking of sleep, I have really bizarre sleeping habits. When I wake up is constantly changing because I'll have insomnia or I'll sleep 12 hours and since I control my working hours most of the time . . . well . . .
5) I used to play volleyball. I miss it. ='(
6) I HATE driving. I hate it so much. I think it's just Pittsburgh, though. I'm fine driving in Cali.
7) barakemon I love EDM, too! Though I used to be way more into it until I lost my music library. I kinda just haven't had the heart to rebuild it . . . nor do I have the time to find crazy, new shit anymore. But I was raving before the scene got really popular a few years ago. Now it seems to be dying down a bit but still retaining cool people so I like going to shows again. ^^
8) Speaking of raves . . . I'm really good at hula-hooping.
9) I'm also good at shooters and sniping the shit out of people. I love sniper rifles and stealth games . . . though I don't really like multiplayer because I've had people be total dicks to me.
10) I think it's the way my face looks . . . but people always seem to assume I'm really innocent, which is both good and bad. It's like the opposite of a bitch face.
11) I'm 6' which is a weird place to be as a girl. Not short enough to fit in but not tall enough to just say 'fuck it, I'm wearing heels.'
12) I own a lot of stuffed animals. And I cuddle at least one every night. They've helped me through a lot of shit - I'd carry around one in my bag in college when I was feeling upset. Never let anyone tell you you can't be a big kid when you're an adult.
13) Oh God . . . I'm an adult. WTF. Like, an actual adult and not just pretending to be one. ;o;

The questions that I must answer: 
1. When do you think the world is gonna end?
            I think it all depends on if we can get to AI, and then if that AI is helpful to us or not. At this point we're much closer to an AI killing us than climate change - an AI will probably exist in all of our lifetimes, conservative estimates are 50-60 years out or so, I believe.
2. How old do you want to live to be?
            I honestly have no idea . . . I have major depression and was so suicidal for most of my life that I honestly couldn't picture a future for most of my life and now that I'm medicated and not thinking of death constantly I don't think I really know what to do anymore. I didn't think I'd graduate college, much less be at a point where I'm actually considering children.
3. Music recommendations?
            Signs by Bloc Party, I Made A Tree on the Wold by Telefon Tel Aviv, Teach Me How to Fight by Junior Kids . . . Neither of them are recent, but those songs have stuck with me a long time. Generally I listen to Bassnectar and shit like that, though.
4. What would you do if a cute alien landed on the road?
           Fucking run. I know how that shit ends - with a probe up your ass and an alien baby. In all seriousness, though, if I could be sure of my safety I would love to have a conversation with aliens.
5. Do you were earrings/piercings/necklaces/bracelets on a daily basis?
            Yes. I have a diamond necklace from my great-grandma (my namesake) and I never take it off. Mostly because I hate clasps and I'm terrified I'll lose it.
6. Are participation medals real awards?
            I don't know . . . why do people care about this? I was never happy when I got a participation award unless I was participating in something hard to get into.
7. Have you ever won an art/comic competition (OCTs count)?
            Yes . . . but anything I won was before I was 13. Now I don't really care.
8. How do you cheer someone up?
            Be open to actually talking to them one-on-one. Most people just want someone to listen, someone who actually, truly cares and wants to help.
9. You meet your nemesis on the street, how do you insult them?
            I don't really have a nemesis? I really, really, really hate being bitchy or confrontational. I only do it when absolutely necessary.
10. How often do you curse?
            All the time. << It surprises people sometimes.
11. Would you go back in time to fix your mistakes even though there is a risk that your current reality will cease to exist (along with you)?
            Eh . . . I don't think so. Mistakes and failings are a part of life. They teach you, and the whole point of life is to grow and learn. It doesn't mean I don't stress about them, but . . . I'm really happy with my life right now and part of that is because I let my mistakes teach me the right lessons.
12. What time do you usually wake up?
            I like a 9-12am/1pm schedule but that rarely happens . . .
13. Should taking a fine arts class be mandatory?
            Honestly I think having a mandatory class would be helpful just because so many people don't appreciate art or the effort that goes into it. If they understood how many hours have gone into getting me to where I am (and specifically that talent, while maybe a factor, is a lot less of one than they think) then maybe I wouldn't have to deal with people who were so shitty with actually paying me what I deserve - since I don't even charge that right now. -.- URGH.

Las preguntas that I will give you :3c :

1) What do you think would become of the world in the distant future?
        I think whatever it is will be so alien to us in concept that we can't imagine it. But I'd like to think we'd explore the human mind and its boundaries, including what is on the other side of death. I would like to hope that we don't push for immortality, but rather understanding.
2) What is your opinion on Lucky Charms cereal?
        I'm very neutral on this subject. I don't think I've had Lucky Charms before.
3) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
       I wouldn't pick just one place, I'd travel constantly. ;) I'm fascinated by different views and cultures. I wouldn't want to go without my boyfriend, though . . . not in a co-dependent way, but because he's so good at being my support and helping me talk out everything I think.
4) Do you think all the courses that we are required to take in order to graduate high school are necessary?
        Okay . . . high school is like a sampler platter to figure out what you like in the world. Even if you don't like some classes, I think exposure to a variety of subjects is ABSOLUTELY necessary. Some things you can figure out you like on your own, but others you wouldn't even think to explore without someone to kind of force you into it. Granted, I think that the schooling system (at least in America) is very, very flawed but the base idea of it is incredibly important.
5) You are given a chance to be God for a day, but you will also have to carry the burden of all of God's chores (Answer prayers, bring miracles, etc.). Do you take that chance?
        I'm not sure I'm wise enough to be God. Somehow I think the burden of God's 'chores' are much more than prayers and miracles. There's so much suffering I think it would be hard to be God, especially if your choices could potentially cause more suffering. And you can't interfere too much - we've all seen how humans act when they think someone else may be driving their actions. Every step would have to be calculated, and every choice would have to be purposeful, and somehow I don't think we're the only life in existence, the only ones who need guidance. There's just so much we don't know, I wouldn't want to step into that position until I was sure I could do a good job - assuming one CAN do a good job.
6) What do you eat for breakfast?
        I actually don't usually eat breakfast, but when I do eat it's random.
7) How many hours of sleep do you get on average?
        Probably way more than most people.
8) When did you first start learning how to draw?
        I think fifth or sixth grade. My mom's friend gave me a couple 'how to draw manga' books and I went from there.
9) Why did you pick up (insert specific hobby here)?
        I'm gonna go with hula-hooping. ;) I picked it up because I thought it was cool and I always wanted to learn.
10) Have you competed in anything before?
        A LOT of things - mostly volleyball games. =P
11) Is there anything in the past that you deeply regret?
        There are things I think about but I don't feel comfortable letting the world know.
12) Do you plan on having children in the future?
        I do, now, though I'm still not entirely sure if I want the responsibility of screwing them up the right way.
13) Are you happy with who you are right now?
        Yes . . . though I always strive to be better in some way. ;) Stagnation is not a good thing.

Anyways - take this all ye who want to. I'm working on a personal piece and some other things so I should have some stuff for you soon. ;) I also plan to do a tutorial one of these days.

Hey guys, today’s the last day I’ll be offering two commissions for getting 100 followers on facebook! (… ) I’m at 80, now, so it’s close!

I’ll be offering one giveaway commission, still, if I reach 100 after tomorrow but hey … your odds of winning are better with two than one, right? ;)

Nikita by avaunt
| Commission and Print Info |

Don’t forget that if I reach 100 followers on  facebook by the end of the month I’ll be giving out TWO free commissions!

I should hopefully have a new personal piece soon. I’ve been helping a friend ( ronggo ) out with some writing for his video game - I’ll be posting a link sometime in the future for anyone who wants to play the beta version. =)

My website is if anyone's interested in a commission.
My Facebook:…

Meant to post this earlier but today’s the last day for the first part of my Facebook competition!

If I get 100 likes by the end of the day (or, really, just somewhere before I wake up tomorrow) then I’ll be giving out THREE free commissions! If I get 100 by the end of the month I’ll give out two, and after that there will just be one. Sharing my work will give you a higher chance of winning!…
Snowflakes by avaunt
| Commission and Print Info |

The second piece! =) I think I need a bigger scanner. I'm not good at taking pictures my pieces.

My website is if anyone's interested in a commission.
My Facebook:…


Emma Olsen
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
I graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a BHA in Art and Creative Writing and work as a freelance artist and writer. Most of my art is realistic or surrealistic, with a focus on dreams, symbols, and emotion. Much of my work, both art and writing, deals with overcoming depression and trauma - though sometimes I'll do lighter things, like fanart.

Commissions are available. I do pencil commissions starting at $30, digital at $50, oils at $200. Other details can be found at my website ( ).

NOTE ABOUT COMMENTS: Please don't ask me to watch you! Thank you. =) It just bothers me, I dunno . . .


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